Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Another Update!

Ok, I know it's been a little while so I will give a short update. I have been so busy lately. I did not intend on going this long without posting .

My little girls father finally made a payment for child support. I can already see how he will work this. See, every 3 months he will be sent a letter that tells him the CSEA will suspend his drivers liscense unless he makes a full 1 month payment. Which he did. So, he can make 1 month payment every 3 months without anything happening to him.... HMMM, just does not seem right. So, I don't expect another payment until Dec, 2007.

I love watching my son play football and practice. I wish I could see more of it. But my business is moving so fast now and so many people rely on me that it makes things difficult. I explained to my son that once his games start, I will be able to stay for most of them. I will make time.

As for my daughter, she is acting up..... Alot of notices from preschool.... Not listening, throwing fits and being mean. I REALLY need to get a hold of her now... I DON'T want a rebellious teenage daughter..... I know what they are about..... After all, I was one.... LOL

Hmmmm.... I think something should be said about ex's..... And maybe about the partner they hook up with. I believe I will save this topic for next time.... Believe me, I could go on and on about this one..... ROFLMAO !

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