Friday, August 29, 2008

Woohoo To All The Dead Beat Dads...

So today I would like to give a shout out to ALL the dead beat Dads out there.... You know who you are. And so do we!

You go about your day, making sure you have what you need... Making sure your bills get paid. But not thinking twice about your child. Or what your child needs.

So I thought I would be the teacher today and explain how parenting works. These are items you may not be aware that your child needs:

1) Food, yes food is good.... Food is NEEDED. Without it, one will die. And believe it or not, food costs money.

2) Clothes. Clothes are not as important as food. However, most places will not allow your child in unless he or she has clothes on. Ohh, and yes, clothes cost money as well.

3) Shelter. Another optional item, however, living in a box on the side of a highway is not so fitting or safe for a child, or anyone. Living in a box also makes it hard to plan your next meal, use the bathroom, brush your teeth, (yes, we want our kids to have healthy teeth) and sleeping on the ground every night is not that appealing to a child. They don't like the bugs so much. So in my opinion, shelter is important for your child as well. And believe it or not, shelter costs money.

4) Oxygen. This is a freebie for all you dad beat dads... You don't have to pay for this. And if you did, then I would venture to say that your child would not have made it this long. So it's a good thing this is free.

5) Along with the shelter come these other tedious items.. Such as electric. Now electric can be a good thing. It makes it very convenient for seeing in the dark. Otherwise, your child may get hurt bumping into things. And water is good.... We can do alot with water. Your child can take a bath, a shower, and I can even cook for your child using water. And if your child is lucky enough to have clothes, I can wash them using water. WOW! But don't concern yourself with this item, since I will chalk it up as optional.....

So there you have it... A little briefing on some items that your child may or may not need. So the next time you go out and order your steak dinner, maybe, just maybe you can think of your child first..... Does he or she have Food, Clothes, Shelter.....Are they eating a steak dinner? Or mac n cheese again.

Yes, written by me, Cindy Ashworth

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Birds And The Bees

Ohh my... Where do I start.... LOL.... My son is 10 years old. Very smart, funny, has a big heart for others and Curious. It feels like it was just yesterday when he was playing with Spider Man figures. He is growing so fast, I can't seem to keep up. By the way, did I mention that he's curious? LOL.

My son has come to me in the past about a girl he likes or a girl that likes him. And I have always told him that he should not be worried about girls right now.... That he should be popping in that Barney tape and watching it..... LOL. And yes, I have really said that to him... And no, he does not watch Barney anymore......LOL.

But it seems that kids are growing up much faster today. And I don't understand why. I believe parents are different today than they were when I was growing up. If you watch the news, you can see several stories each week about how a parent left their kid in a car while they were shopping.... Or how a 9 year old stole the car keys and took a truck out for a ride.... I mean, where is the supervision??? Do parents really NOT care about their kids?

So I'm hearing from so many people how "The Birds And The Bees" should be discussed with my son. And in the past I only touched on "crushes and puppy love"... Not knowing how to talk further in detail. I have even told my son that he should discuss this with his dad. But the moment came..... He came to me last week, asking for "the talk"..... I was stunned.

I did not want to be one of those parents that say "my son is not even thinking about it"..... Even though I did not believe he was..... he must be since he came to me and asked..... So I sat down and explained things the best that I could..... Choosing my words carefully and really unsure of what to say and what not to say..... I was not graphic or anything and I don't believe this is the place to mention what I said.... But I think I did a pretty good job. I asked if he had any questions when I was done.... He had a couple and I answered them. We left the subject on a happy, positive note.

Now I know there are alot of books out there that teach the parent on how to handle this situation..... But I don't believe anyone needs a book. You should know your child enough to know how to handle the subject.

Today, I appreciate the relationship that I have with my son. He knows that he can talk to me about anything and everything. I wish we did not have to have that discussion.....But I have a feeling that it will come up again.... LOL....

So for any mom that fears this topic.... Pause for a moment and think of your child..... How they are.....Who they are..... And you will find the words within to have this discussion.

Best Of Luck,


Monday, August 18, 2008

Mr. Trent Reznor..... My future Ex... LOL

I don't go gooo gooo over just any guy. But I am gooo gooo over Trent.

Happy Birthday To Me....

So here it is.....Just a short few hours to go and I will be 40 years old.....WOW!!! I'm not sure what 40 is supposed to feel like. For the most part, just another day. I will be so busy tomorrow that it may just fly past me.... LOL......

I know I mentioned awhile back about wanting this big party..... But, the truth is.....I really wanted to go with my brother to see this band that I LOVE..... NIN......They are coming at the end of this week. I will add a pic of the lead singer after this post..... His name is Trent Reznor.....And when it comes to NIN, I am like a groupie.... LOL...

I really am lucky.... I am here with my kids full time now.....I don't have to worry about daycare costs.....All the gas money I was spending prior......And I can take time out during the day for my kids.... And now with school starting, I will be able to take them and get them home.... Which is what I have been wanting as well. We are all healthy and happy, for the most part (when not bickering) and I am more involved now than I was before, since I am home full time. Which is what we all wanted.

Dreams...... Goals.... Really do happen, as long as you Believe.

Now above you will see the man himself......LOL..... Trent.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


While persistence is the determination to strive to achieve your ultimate goal, there is another virtue of equally great value. Persistence keeps us moving inside ourselves to see the purpose behind the purpose, but patience is the wisdom behind persistence.

Patience cautions us to focus our efforts on what we can change while accepting what we cannot When external circumstance rains on our parade, patience is our umbrella. Rather than blaming what we cannot control, patience is the wisdom behind persistence.

It is when a goal is distant and difficult to reach that patience is an ally. Time changes everything, but with patience you can keep your desires relatively constant. If you can just hang on long enough, time will finally create the conditions in which you can succeed.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The American Dream.

The American Dream?

Work until you are old enough to retire, then retire happy and with plenty of money to more than sustain yourself in retirement. Not any more. Check this out:

According to USA Today, the average family’s net worth is:
35 – 45 year old $700
45 – 55 year old $2,800
55 – 65 year old $6,300
For the first time in history, the current generation is averaging a lower standard of living than their parents. Taxes have become an increasing burden, and a significantly smaller percentage of Americans under 45 now own their own homes. - (New York Times)

The bankruptcy filing rate this year will be eight times higher than during the Great Depression -- with one household in every 100 going the bankruptcy route.- (USA Today)

So what can one do? Three possibilities:

1. You can work for someone else? Trade your hours you work for dollars. Average wages have stagnated since 1973, something they have not done since the Civil War. - (New York Times)Average family incomes are substantially lower today than they were back in 1989. In the entire post-World War 11 period, American families have never before gone seven years with no increase in average incomes. – (Foresight).

More than a million households will file for bankruptcy this year. - (USA Today) Is there job security today? Not according to these figures!

500,000 jobs are eliminated annually by technology alone.

Large corporations laid off more than 400,000 workers in 1995 alone including:
IBM: 122,000 workers
AT&T: 83,000 workers
GM: 74,000 workers

More than 3 million jobs have been eliminated each year since 1989, for a loss of 43 million jobs since 1979.

"In every business there is room for only one dream... the owner's" - (Randy Gage)

2. You can become a professional – pay $50,000 for an education to ensure you a place in the work force. Does the cost of college payoff?
A 1998 report by USA Today indicates:- 51% of executives fear losing their jobs because of downsizing.
24% of executives fear career burnout.-
10% of executives fear being fired.
Economic experts state that we will have seven different careers in our lifetimes. Few college grads will ever see a return on their investment of $50,000+ for four or more years of college.
Nine out of ten college graduates don't work in the field they majored in.
500,000 jobs are eliminated annually by technology alone. This includes highly educated professionals.

"Is the money you make worth the price that you pay?" - (Graham Nash)

3. Hang on ‘till retirement and hope that social security or the retirement fund will be around then.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics out of 100 people that start working at age 25, by age 65...-
1% are wealthy
4% have enough money to retire
3% are still working (can't afford to quit)
63% depend on Social Security, friends or charity
29% are dead

95% of all Americans retire in poverty after working for 45 years!

If you retire at age 65 and live to be 85, you'd need $240,000 saved up to be on a fixed income of only $12,000 a year! Not enough for vacations and golf courses. Will your current plan give you more than that? You need to escape the time-for-money trap with these two prosperity principles
You must be your own boss. Average annual income of an employee in the USA is $26,000. - (Entrepreneur Magazine)

Average annual income of a successful home-based business in the USA is $50,250. - (Entrepreneur Magazine)

20% of home entrepreneurs reported that their businesses grossed between $100,000 and $500,000 last year

Every 10 seconds in the USA someone starts a home business - that's 8,493 new home businesses a day! - (Home Incorporated)

"You must be in business for yourself; you'll never get rich working for someone else." - (J. Paul Getty) You must employ the concept of leverage and residual income.

*Tap into huge, expanding global markets.*Timing - position yourself in front of large, fast moving market trends.*Develop residual income - income that keeps coming in long after your effort is done.

*Utilize today's advanced technology and information systems to get more done, automated and less attended.
Come see why so many people are working at home with us: Visit here:

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Girl, You need to find yourself a man!

Yes, I hear this alot from friends. But I don't get it. I can sit back and look at people and see how some are not happy in the relationship that they are in. Or are in it for the kids. And some are single like myself, but they date. And there's a few that are happy, yet, wish for more.

I know they mean well.... But I reply back with "I know, I'll find a man and all my problems will disappear". LOL..... If anything, I'll just have more problems.

After a couple bad burns, it does make you put a wall up. And I've said it before, and I'll say it again, this time in my life it will be my way or no way.... And frankly, there is no man that's going to jump in a relationship with me knowing that it will be my way. I have no room to compromise and I won't do it.

Now there's a couple male friends I have but they know how I feel and they are ok with that. I'm not looking to jump into a relationship anyway. But if it were to happen, I don't know how I would handle it. Would I welcome it or push it away? My past has been to push it away.

A part of me thinks it's sad when someone feels that they NEED a man. WHY? That's all I can do is ask why. And here is what I have come up with.

1) For me, I'm not looking to have more kids or start a family. My two are enough.... LOL. It's perfect, I have a boy and a girl.

2) Handyman.... Well I have laid my own tiles, carpet, hung drywall... I know how to use a Bobcat and Tractor and I can change my own oil.....My sons father would disagree since I spent forever turning the filter the wrong way.....Ohh, and the 4-wheelers, I know it's not a handy man thing but those are awesome.....I remember flipping one on top of myself... I flew across the street and hit the ditch and it flipped... What a sight. LOL.

3) Companionship....That's what friends are for......

4) Romance..... Well this is where I may be stumped.....LOL. But I also don't agree with people coming across a certain way in the beginning (dating) only to find out later that they really are not that way. Blinders, I wore them many times.

I also think a part of me is trying to PROVE that I can do whatever I want without having someone tell me I can't..... Or I need to give up something that I care about. A dream, an activity, a hobby.....

So, am I really missing that much from a relationship?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Kids Lunch Box Cards

I came across this really cool site. And I am thinking of ordering some of these cards since this year I will have both of my kids in school and I do want them to both know that I am thinking about them while they are away.

Ever since my son was about 4 years old, I would leave him little notes in his pockets. And when he started school, I would leave notes in his lunch. I made sure not to get too mushy. Just something that would say "I hope you have a great day". Or my favorite made up saying was " One banana, two banana, threee banana, 4, Ohh forget the bananas, I hope you enjoy your grapes".

Then came my daughter. I would pick her up after daycare and leave a piece of candy on the seat of the car with a little note that shows an eye, a heart and the letter u.... ( I love you).

But this site has made the cards fun, letting the child know you are thinking of them and not getting mushy. I like it.