Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Birds And The Bees

Ohh my... Where do I start.... LOL.... My son is 10 years old. Very smart, funny, has a big heart for others and Curious. It feels like it was just yesterday when he was playing with Spider Man figures. He is growing so fast, I can't seem to keep up. By the way, did I mention that he's curious? LOL.

My son has come to me in the past about a girl he likes or a girl that likes him. And I have always told him that he should not be worried about girls right now.... That he should be popping in that Barney tape and watching it..... LOL. And yes, I have really said that to him... And no, he does not watch Barney anymore......LOL.

But it seems that kids are growing up much faster today. And I don't understand why. I believe parents are different today than they were when I was growing up. If you watch the news, you can see several stories each week about how a parent left their kid in a car while they were shopping.... Or how a 9 year old stole the car keys and took a truck out for a ride.... I mean, where is the supervision??? Do parents really NOT care about their kids?

So I'm hearing from so many people how "The Birds And The Bees" should be discussed with my son. And in the past I only touched on "crushes and puppy love"... Not knowing how to talk further in detail. I have even told my son that he should discuss this with his dad. But the moment came..... He came to me last week, asking for "the talk"..... I was stunned.

I did not want to be one of those parents that say "my son is not even thinking about it"..... Even though I did not believe he was..... he must be since he came to me and asked..... So I sat down and explained things the best that I could..... Choosing my words carefully and really unsure of what to say and what not to say..... I was not graphic or anything and I don't believe this is the place to mention what I said.... But I think I did a pretty good job. I asked if he had any questions when I was done.... He had a couple and I answered them. We left the subject on a happy, positive note.

Now I know there are alot of books out there that teach the parent on how to handle this situation..... But I don't believe anyone needs a book. You should know your child enough to know how to handle the subject.

Today, I appreciate the relationship that I have with my son. He knows that he can talk to me about anything and everything. I wish we did not have to have that discussion.....But I have a feeling that it will come up again.... LOL....

So for any mom that fears this topic.... Pause for a moment and think of your child..... How they are.....Who they are..... And you will find the words within to have this discussion.

Best Of Luck,



Niki said...

Thank you Cindy for visiting my blog and leaving the nice comment that you did about my mom. I really appreciate it. You've been the ONLY one to comment. Sometimes I feel pretty alone in this world, and when I get nice comments like yours, I realize I have wonderful friends. hugs! niki

Tammy said...

Hi Cindy,

Well I was lucky with my Son. ;)

The subject never came up...well I'll change that, it did. I asked him if he knew everything, or something like that. lol

And he commented, "Mom, I found out through school and my friends a long, long time ago." :o

Times have changed since I was a teenager big time. Kids are finding out about the Birds and the Bees a whole lot younger than they used to.

I'm happy your talk with your Son went well. It's good that he asked you. :)