Saturday, August 9, 2008

Girl, You need to find yourself a man!

Yes, I hear this alot from friends. But I don't get it. I can sit back and look at people and see how some are not happy in the relationship that they are in. Or are in it for the kids. And some are single like myself, but they date. And there's a few that are happy, yet, wish for more.

I know they mean well.... But I reply back with "I know, I'll find a man and all my problems will disappear". LOL..... If anything, I'll just have more problems.

After a couple bad burns, it does make you put a wall up. And I've said it before, and I'll say it again, this time in my life it will be my way or no way.... And frankly, there is no man that's going to jump in a relationship with me knowing that it will be my way. I have no room to compromise and I won't do it.

Now there's a couple male friends I have but they know how I feel and they are ok with that. I'm not looking to jump into a relationship anyway. But if it were to happen, I don't know how I would handle it. Would I welcome it or push it away? My past has been to push it away.

A part of me thinks it's sad when someone feels that they NEED a man. WHY? That's all I can do is ask why. And here is what I have come up with.

1) For me, I'm not looking to have more kids or start a family. My two are enough.... LOL. It's perfect, I have a boy and a girl.

2) Handyman.... Well I have laid my own tiles, carpet, hung drywall... I know how to use a Bobcat and Tractor and I can change my own oil.....My sons father would disagree since I spent forever turning the filter the wrong way.....Ohh, and the 4-wheelers, I know it's not a handy man thing but those are awesome.....I remember flipping one on top of myself... I flew across the street and hit the ditch and it flipped... What a sight. LOL.

3) Companionship....That's what friends are for......

4) Romance..... Well this is where I may be stumped.....LOL. But I also don't agree with people coming across a certain way in the beginning (dating) only to find out later that they really are not that way. Blinders, I wore them many times.

I also think a part of me is trying to PROVE that I can do whatever I want without having someone tell me I can't..... Or I need to give up something that I care about. A dream, an activity, a hobby.....

So, am I really missing that much from a relationship?

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