Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Kids Lunch Box Cards

I came across this really cool site. And I am thinking of ordering some of these cards since this year I will have both of my kids in school and I do want them to both know that I am thinking about them while they are away.

Ever since my son was about 4 years old, I would leave him little notes in his pockets. And when he started school, I would leave notes in his lunch. I made sure not to get too mushy. Just something that would say "I hope you have a great day". Or my favorite made up saying was " One banana, two banana, threee banana, 4, Ohh forget the bananas, I hope you enjoy your grapes".

Then came my daughter. I would pick her up after daycare and leave a piece of candy on the seat of the car with a little note that shows an eye, a heart and the letter u.... ( I love you).

But this site has made the cards fun, letting the child know you are thinking of them and not getting mushy. I like it.

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