Friday, August 29, 2008

Woohoo To All The Dead Beat Dads...

So today I would like to give a shout out to ALL the dead beat Dads out there.... You know who you are. And so do we!

You go about your day, making sure you have what you need... Making sure your bills get paid. But not thinking twice about your child. Or what your child needs.

So I thought I would be the teacher today and explain how parenting works. These are items you may not be aware that your child needs:

1) Food, yes food is good.... Food is NEEDED. Without it, one will die. And believe it or not, food costs money.

2) Clothes. Clothes are not as important as food. However, most places will not allow your child in unless he or she has clothes on. Ohh, and yes, clothes cost money as well.

3) Shelter. Another optional item, however, living in a box on the side of a highway is not so fitting or safe for a child, or anyone. Living in a box also makes it hard to plan your next meal, use the bathroom, brush your teeth, (yes, we want our kids to have healthy teeth) and sleeping on the ground every night is not that appealing to a child. They don't like the bugs so much. So in my opinion, shelter is important for your child as well. And believe it or not, shelter costs money.

4) Oxygen. This is a freebie for all you dad beat dads... You don't have to pay for this. And if you did, then I would venture to say that your child would not have made it this long. So it's a good thing this is free.

5) Along with the shelter come these other tedious items.. Such as electric. Now electric can be a good thing. It makes it very convenient for seeing in the dark. Otherwise, your child may get hurt bumping into things. And water is good.... We can do alot with water. Your child can take a bath, a shower, and I can even cook for your child using water. And if your child is lucky enough to have clothes, I can wash them using water. WOW! But don't concern yourself with this item, since I will chalk it up as optional.....

So there you have it... A little briefing on some items that your child may or may not need. So the next time you go out and order your steak dinner, maybe, just maybe you can think of your child first..... Does he or she have Food, Clothes, Shelter.....Are they eating a steak dinner? Or mac n cheese again.

Yes, written by me, Cindy Ashworth

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~Sherie~ said...

This is tell 'em girl!! I know more than one "dad" that need to read this blog....