Thursday, August 30, 2007

This is in Polynesia..... Beautiful!!!

I am told that these cabins that sit above the water have a glass bottom floor so you can see tropical fish.... How awesome is that?

Fun on the Island

I can just see me and my kids kicking back, catching some sun and swimming..... Having fun.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Another Update!

Ok, I know it's been a little while so I will give a short update. I have been so busy lately. I did not intend on going this long without posting .

My little girls father finally made a payment for child support. I can already see how he will work this. See, every 3 months he will be sent a letter that tells him the CSEA will suspend his drivers liscense unless he makes a full 1 month payment. Which he did. So, he can make 1 month payment every 3 months without anything happening to him.... HMMM, just does not seem right. So, I don't expect another payment until Dec, 2007.

I love watching my son play football and practice. I wish I could see more of it. But my business is moving so fast now and so many people rely on me that it makes things difficult. I explained to my son that once his games start, I will be able to stay for most of them. I will make time.

As for my daughter, she is acting up..... Alot of notices from preschool.... Not listening, throwing fits and being mean. I REALLY need to get a hold of her now... I DON'T want a rebellious teenage daughter..... I know what they are about..... After all, I was one.... LOL

Hmmmm.... I think something should be said about ex's..... And maybe about the partner they hook up with. I believe I will save this topic for next time.... Believe me, I could go on and on about this one..... ROFLMAO !

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Ok, it's official. (CSEA) Child Support Enforcement Agency has suspended his drivers license. It's not even the 16th yet. I guess they don't mess around. At first I thought that it was not good. That now he had an excuse not to pay child support since his license were suspended. But then I found out that he will only get them back once he pays the back child support that he owes. And right now, he is over $2,000.00

What would make a man just quit his job, stop helping to support his daughter and pretty much vanish ? Why is it ok to just leave everything up to me and assume that I will take care of things and be ok? The truth is we will be ok. It's just the idea of how he has handled this and what he has done.

My business is remaining steady. I have been putting less time in these last few days and this will continue for a little while longer. My son has joined football and I love football. So I go to all of his practices (and soon the games) and I help out the other mothers when needed.

I am a true believer in working to create your future. The future you see and want. But I am also learning (just started learning) that my kids are here now and NOW is when they need me. So I have been re-prioritizing things. Plus, being involved in something that my kids like is a great way to spend some time together and have some fun. I just make up for my business on the weekends and it's working out pretty good.

Friday, August 3, 2007

And the clock is ticking.....

Well, the clock is ticking down..... My daughters father has 13 days until the state suspends his drivers license. This is all over child support. He has not made a payment since April 2nd, 2007 of $47.00. Since it is a court order, the state will suspend his drivers license until he pays 1 month of child support... Not even the whole amount he is behind. Just one month and he will be able to keep his license.

I'm sure there are women as well but right now I am thinking of how a man can really let this happen. He has a brand new truck, just recently quit his job.... I'm sure he is working under the table with his old friend again..... And he does not think twice at how this affects her.

It's not like I am laying around eating bon bons with his support. Between child care, clothes, field trips, shoes and whatever else, his support helped to cover some of those expenses.

What makes a parent decide when they no longer NEED to pay child support for a child. She is only 4.... It's not like she is 17. And he can decide that he no longer has to help contribute to her upbringing ? I just don't get it. She still goes to preschool, needs clothes, and eats. I just don't get it !!!

I'm really surprised that I have not had anyone reply to my previous post..... I am serious.... I would love to hear from people about living life to the fullest.... Are you? I know I'm not.... I can't be alone in saying that I'm not.... Am I ?