Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's All About TeamWork!

Effective teams show up in nature - flocks of birds and schools of fish. We're amazed at the beauty, the synchronized movement, the cooperation and efficiency. They fly or swim together toward a common destination as a single unit. It’s the law of conservation and physicists call it entrainment.

We don't work or live in flocks, but much of life is spent in teams. As long as someone else is there with us--at work, at home or on the playing field--we are part of a team. And we know the difference between teams that work and the ones that don't. We want our teams to be efficient, in sync and effective. Like birds and fish, we strive to entrain.

An entrained team builds on individual strengths. Everyone is aligned toward a common goal. There's cooperation and harmony. Projects are done enthusiastically and well. Here are some things your team can do to increase its effectiveness.

  • Talk about what the team values. These 'core values' build a common foundation for the team.
  • Sincerely care about each person’s growth and development.
  • Regularly acknowledge and appreciate each other’s contribution.
  • Release judgments. They block creativity and build walls between people.
  • Listen sincerely. It's care in action.
  • Speak your truth, from the heart. Venting from frustration and anger will only turn people away.

Everyone working together will win together!

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