Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Roles Of Parents

So my little girl is off to 1st grade this year... I have been watching her more than usual lately....
I mean watching her without her even knowing.

She tends to play with the boys more than the girls around here...Which, I don't think twice of since I did the same thing.

I used to play touch football all the time with the neighborhood boys.... I never got into the Barbies and girly-girl things....Well, not until I was much older.

So I am standing at the front door watching her ride her bike off with another little boy...Her long blonde hair just bouncing up and down as she peddles away. She's only 6, but I am already wondering where the time went....When did she change from a baby to toddler....From toddler to a little girl....

She is very independent.... Needs to do things her way, even if it's wrong...She is developing a little sense of humor lately....She will just sit there and say something like "Yea, that's right"...It's just the way she says it to whatever I am asking..... lol. She really is funny.

I feel sad at times because a friend of mine told me that it is the childs father that teaches their daughter how to be treated by a man.... Maybe a future boyfriend... Husband.....And when a father is out of the picture, it is kind of hard for a little girl to know how to be treated by a man since they are not around.

I don't want my little girl to be treated badly by any man in her life...And I do see how NOT having her daddy around can affect the future choices that she makes. But I also can't rush out there and start dating just any man so she can learn how to be treated....

I guess I never realized the importance of a father in a daughters life...The role they took on. They are not there just to help take care of and raise... They actually teach (and not even knowingly) their daughter how a man is supposed to treat a lady....How a husband treats his wife is what the child will pick up and take with her.

Then there is my son...He's a little older now...So I guess the important role of a mother is to teach her son how a lady should be treated by a man... Again, I am lacking in that department. lol... But I do talk ALOT with my son... I think he knows what I would put up with from any man......What I think is acceptable, tolerable, good and bad....

My son says jokingly "Women do all the cleaning in the house" and I have to correct him and let him know that, that's not ok for every woman. If she is working just as much as the man then he can help out in the house as well.

I will say something about my son... He will make a lady very happy some day. He is sensitive enough to their needs yet is also When he is talking about something that really matters to him, his eyes get glossy, watery....Not tears..But, enough to matter to him. And I feel that passion, whatever it is, come right out.

So I guess I'm left with just doing the best I can... Striving and trying to leave a positive impact on my children.


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Cindy said...

Well thank you very much...I appreciate your comment.

Cindy A