Saturday, March 13, 2010

What Is Girl Scouts Doing?

Let's talk about the Girl Scouts. Yes, the Girl Scouts Of America. I was in Brownies. That's the only thing I remember being in. I still remember the Brown uniform some of the activities we did.

One time we had to be blind-folded and reach into a bag and see if we would know what we pulled out. Along with selling the cookies, we did have a lot of fun activities...Not so much involvement in how we could help the community, though.

Last year while my daughter was in Daisy's, we had a lot of fun activities but they also wanted us to get involved in the community..So that you can earn your badges or petals. (remember, this is all new to me as an adult). There were things like collecting old suitcases and giving them to an organization and stuff like that, or going to a Nursing Home and having the girls sing Christmas Carols.

Now, I have decided to remove my daughter from Girl Scouts. My whole purpose of getting her involved was to help teach her and share with her good values that we all agree on. And I thought that was what Girl Scouts was all about.

If I want my daughter to learn about sex, I will decide when and I will talk with her. It's not up to someone else.

Here... See what I mean:  

Just my thoughts but I am done... She is removed from Girl Scouts.

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