Sunday, May 27, 2007

Have you ever wished for more time?

Ok, so I needed to take some time and blog. So much has been happening lately and it's hard for me to keep up. My home business is picking up speed and time is one thing I wish I had more of. I remember wishing for my business to pick up and now it has... LOL

My day job is not going so well. This is the kind of job I just hate with everything in me. I am just another number there and I know it. There is no satisfaction at all. My boss is a monster. Now I'm not a mean-spirited person but I have to say I have not met anyone like her. Yet, she really wonders why she has no friends (female) and why people think the way they do about her.

In a recent meeting that we were all in, she told all of us that we needed to sit down, shut up and key. That was a turning point for me. I would never speak that way to anyone and I find that tone unacceptable. I would not let my friends or kids speak to me that way, and I love them. So why would I let her speak to me that way ? I then decided to start looking for something new and get out of there. I need my home business to build up some more before I can come home and run it full time.

So, I updated my resume online a couple days ago. And that very day I received a phone call from a recruiting company. They shared my resume with a company that wants to meet with me. They told me enough about the company for me to put it together and realize who the company is. I can't say yet, but as soon as I am accepted, I will then announce here who the company is. I am soooo excited. This is a real opportunity for me to progress, still have time to work my home business, take care of my kids and make dreams come true for us....

I realize that for alot of moms that are already home full time running a business, they have one advantage over me. And that is time. I may still be working a full time job outside of my house, but I feel I am like most of the single moms out there. We do have a full time job and we work our dream business in the evenings and weekends.

It is the moms that have determination, dedication and passion to fulfill their dreams and succeed. You need a strong WHY in order to achieve. If your why is not stronger than your tiredness, excuses to take a break or thought of giving up, you will not succeed.

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