Monday, May 28, 2007

I need to take a stand against the monster...

Ok, so this is my plan. I am going to wake up and get my kids ready for school and preschool. I will then call my boss and let her know that I quit my job. Now, maybe I am doing wrong by quitting over the phone but to know the company I work for, they do things shady as well....Let's take holidays for example. We really don't get the holiday off. They make us come in on Saturdays to make up for the holiday... And to top that off, we only get paid straight time because we need to physically be there 40 hours.... The paid holiday is not counted since we are not physically there. So they get us for 48 hours, straight time.

Now I am the only person that can handle this account we have. I have been working on it since they day we received it. Even my boss is not sure of everything that is involved with this account. A part of me feels like I NEED to go to work and get the account completed tomorrow. But, I also want to prove a point.

My thought process on this is that my boss will ask me what is going on and why I want to quit. I will then explain how she treats people and that I will NOT accept it any longer. Now there is a part of me hoping that she will want me to stay and realize that she should not treat people the way she has. I guess that is what I am hoping will happen. However, I also know that I have nothing to fall back on right now. There is no definite job waiting for me. I will be meeting with a recruiter tomorrow about the really good position at the really good company. But that's not guaranteed.... So I am taking a pretty big risk here. At this point in my life, I feel that I am old enough to know how I want to be treated and if I'm not being treated that way, then I need to leave the situation.... Maybe that's why I have not dating lately. LOL

So, I will do what I said and let everyone know the outcome. I admit that I am pretty scared since I have nothing to fall back on. But I have been practicing my new line over this long weekend... " Would you like fries with that" ? LOL

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Kim said...

Hey Cindy, it's Kim. :-)

I feel horrible that you have to go through this. (((hugs)))

I do know you're a strong person.

I hope that everything works out for the best. And soon- your home business will be at the point where you won't need an outside job to fall back on!