Wednesday, September 5, 2007

So What Triggers Jealousy?

Ok, so what makes a person jealous? Why would a person try to do some cheking on you? You can type in almost anyone's name and something will come up on that person.... Yes, even my blog comes up... (if you know my last name).

Ok, so I am thinking out loud right now... Try and follow along. I am still new to this blogging thing. If I were to send someone an email with a link to my website, let's say about a year ago.... You would still be able to go into that email and see when I sent it to you.... It is dated.

So now let's try and figure out when I started blogging. Hmmmm, how would someone that comes to my blog figure out when I first started blogging? I believe the posts are dated and show when you started. If I started blogging in March of 2007, that's only 6 months, right?

Ok, this is where I may need help... LMAO

How can someone take an email that I sent over a year ago and attach my blog to it, and say that my blog was attached to the email I sent over a year ago?????

I was really good in match at school... I think it's still the same... LOL

You CAN'T take something 6 months old and add it to something over 12 months old.....

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. See, I want this person to know that I know what they are up to. And I'm sure they will be back, reading and checking on me some more.... LOL

Have a great night, I know I will !!!!!

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