Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Working With A Team

Are you working with a team? Do you have people that rely on you? Depend on you? Did you introduce your business to your prospects, wrap it up all shiny and cute with a little bow on the top, only to find that you no longer have time to work with your business partners? Or you drop an occasional (hello) email to let them know you still exist?

This is a touchy situation.....I have heard this scenario from countless individuals over and over again.... I have experienced it myself...And I have to say something about this.

First, people look to work at home all the time...For so many different reasons. I deal alot with single moms that just want to find a way to make ends meet. And when you are considering cleaning in the evenings, and then calculate the cost of a babysitter and the gas to get to the job, you realize that for $7.00 an hour, you may walk away with $1.50 afterwards. Is $1.50 an hour worth the time of being away from your kids? (There has to be a better way).
Then you have the stay at home mom who feels guilty that she's not contributing enough to her household... As if taking care of the kids, cooking and cleaning was not enough. So she has alot of guilt and wants to help in a financial way.... Then you have the couple that scrape to get by, and still don't have enough at the end of the month to pay their bills, so they need to find something that seems reasonable.

This is what I say about introducing your business to new prospects!!!

First... Make sure it's a
business that YOU are COMMITTED to. Don't FAKE IT.... If you come across as someone that cares in the beginning, and then all of a sudden you stop calling and checking in on your business partners, they WILL see right through it. (no degree needed here). All you have created was a mess... Someone will now drop out of your business, talk bad about you and the business and leave you with poor rating and a bad name.

If you emphasize how you are a team and that they will not be on their own, then you BETTER make sure you stick to that. Don't extend your hand out by offering things that you will not stick with.... These people are DEPENDING on you.....For whatever reason, they found trust in you and considered the possibility that maybe, just maybe, you really could give them light at the end of the tunnel. Hope!

Picture this: You come into a business, you love what you hear.... You won't be on your own... You will have people you can go to that are willing and wanting to help you succeed and will be there for you.... Then, after a few weeks, months, you have questions, need help, and who can you go to? All of s sudden you are on your own. You reach out a few times but there is no reply. No help. Nobody. You start to think to yourself, that no one cares... You are on your own and you were brought in just as their quick fix.... So you leave the business.....And all the bad words that follow about it.

We are dealing with people.... Real dreams, desires and hope...Some are so desperate that they NEED to find a way and want to work at home.... So don't fill them up with a bunch of BS if you are not as committed as your new prospect is.... The desire and need that they have may be much stronger than what you can give. And if that is the case, then you need to ask yourself how deeply you really believe in the
business that you are working?

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Article Source: Cindy Ashworth, work at home mom, owner of www.mykidsmywhy.com and www.successfulwahm.blogspot.com

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