Monday, November 10, 2008

Are You Secure At Your Job?

As you all know, I live in Ohio. Now known for the 2nd state with the highest job loss. WOW!!!

The only good thing that's been happening lately is the price of gas...However, I see it's creeping back up as well.... Was to be expected though.

Now there's talk about passing a 2nd Bail Out Bill.... Hmmmm....Wouldn't it be nice if someone could just bail you out when needed? I know it would be for me. LOL

The point I am making is this:

1) Are you secure with the job that you have?
2) Will the work you do today, reward you later as well?
3) Is the company you are working for in any financial trouble?
4) Have your hours been cut? Have you been laid off?
5) Are you unsure of your future? And the future of your family?

Consider this:

1) Start out working part time from home and then over a period of time, you will have created your own full time, at home business.
2) Work for a company that has NEVER had lay-offs or cut hours back.
3) Work for a company that is NOT one cent in debt.
4) Gain the flexibility you need. If your kids are sick, or you have an appointment, no need to worry about being fired or let go.
5) Take the first step in learning more and see if we have a match for what you are looking for. There is no pressure to come on board.

You take the first step by visiting my site.... See if you would like more info and would be interested in seeing the work that we do. If so, fill out the mini application.... I call you and set up a time that's good for you where you can come and see for yourself, the work that I do and if it's what you are looking for. Then you decide if you would like to join forces with an incredible company that allows you to create your own work schedule, and you could be bringing in the couple hundred extra each month that you need to help make ends meet.

Take control of your future NOW......Don't leave it up to the economy to determine how you live.

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