Friday, November 28, 2008

What I Am Grateful For

So what is it about Thanksgiving that REMINDS everyone to take stock in what they are grateful for? I'm sure it stems from school days when we are taught about the pilgrims and the sharing of the food. I'm also sure we all know that we should be grateful on a daily basis.
Which brings me to this:

I always journaled.....Daily.... For years..... But I can honestly say, that I have let that go for the last year or so..... Life just got in the way....I became busy and my priorities changed, which led me to drop my journaling.

Well, for the last month, I have been back to journaling and keeping a Grateful journal. It's part of this class I am taking. And of course, I see the difference. I feel the difference.

Keeping a grateful journal allows you to see the little things that are important to you, that most tend to over look. Being alive one more day.....Seeing your kids smile....... The food you are about to eat.......Having a warm place to lay down at night.......These are things to really be grateful for..... Yet, so many over look these things.

When you can take a few moments.... Be still.....Sit in silence with a pen in your hand and you will begin to drown yourself in gratefulness. It will just pour out of you. And that's what I have been doing lately. It's hard to see everything when you are rushing around, unable to catch a breath.... LOL.
So, at this time of year, I would like it to be known of some of the things that I am Grateful For.

1) As much as I hate it.... I am grateful for hearing my kids fight and argue. That means that I am here to hear them.

2) I am grateful for all of our health.....

3) I am grateful for all of my friends...New and old. It's something how you can look back at your friends, and how long you have known them... They have been there with you, throughout all the good and the bad. My friends have been with me forever... (We're talking 20 years plus) and of course I have met new ones.

4) I am grateful for the family that's in my life.....My sons father is a GREAT example. As I have said in the past, we just did not work.....But he is a great father. I can truly rest at ease if something were to happen to me, and know that my son will be taken care of. So much to the point that I am thinking of having my sons father and his girlfriend be guardians of my daughter, in the event that something happens to me.

That's a hard issue to deal with. I would love to think that I will be around form a VERY long time. But the truth is, I may not. And as I have spoken about, my daughters donor is NOT or WANTS to be in her life. And then you have this man who has always considered my daughter as family. Not only is that important to her, but to me as well. She so much loves him and his girlfriend.

*** I have been asked how I really feel about this... And I believe this. I have a little girl that may not know her biological father, but she does have a male in her life that is like DAD to her. She SOOOO looks up to him. I wonder if he knows just how much.... And with that comes his family....They take to her and seem to really care about her. So I look at it like, how can I deny her of any EXTRA love that she can get? Who does not want love? And she is blessed with lots of love.

5) I am grateful for the closeness that I have with God... And the closeness my children have to God as well.

So I say journal.....It keeps you focused.....Grounded......And you will begin to realize all the things you are grateful for as well.

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