Saturday, January 10, 2009

Finding The Time To Work Your Business

When you are working long hours and you have a home based business that you also want to pay attention to and work, it gets very frustrating when you notice that so much time has passed and you have not touched it, worked it or even thought about it.

So this is where the big questions comes into play. How important is it to you? How motivated are you? How badly do you want it?

Is your home business just a hobby, something to do to pass time? Then this won't even apply to you.

I have found that if you designate certain days for certain activities, it seems to work much better. Using Mondays for kids and family time, Tuesdays for their home business, Wednesdays for activities that your children may be involved in, Thursdays for working your business and Fridays for cleaning and errands. (examples).

Some people have the 3-4 hours each night that they can spend working their business. And some do not. They may only have 2-3 hours to spare a couple times a week. And if that is your situation, it can still work. Alot of people have started out working a couple days a week for a few hours, but, over a period of time their business was built and allowed them to come home full time. Of course, more each week will get you home sooner.

So many people have started out in my business with just a few hours each week to work. The key thing to remember is being consistent in what you do. If you can only work on Mondays and Wednesdays, then you need to work those days each week. Stick with the schedule. Allow this to be routine, just like brushing your teethe. This needs to become habit. For every time you call off of work to go out with the girls, you are one day less closer to your goal.....

Cindy Ashworth is the owner of and Cindy is a single mom, working her way to become a full time work at home mom.

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