Sunday, November 1, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

A big hello to my followers.... So sorry I have been slipping on the blogging lately. I guess you could say it's bittersweet what has been happening.

I've been dealing with more and more people lately that have lost their job and are looking to work at home now. It really is terrible. It does not seem to matter where you live... Washington, Texas, Maryland... So many people can't find a job out of the house. It's as if hiring is on hold everywhere unless you are a real young candidate. Companies know that they can pay them a little less and get twice as much work out of them than say, against, someone like myself who places a little value on what I know I am worth. And what I need to live!

So I have people contacting me like crazy lately... Asking the obvious questions of course:

1) Is what you do legit?
2) Do you really get paid?
3) Does the BBB back you up?
4) Do you get bonuses?
5) Do you sell?
6) Do I have to take orders?
7) Do I have to approach my friends and family?
8) Is there a big start up cost?
9) Is there training?
10) What's the catch?

The Answers:

1) Yes
2) Yes
3) Yes. Not only backed, but awarded.
4) Yes
5) No
6) No
7) No
8) No...Absolutely not.
9) Way too much to mention
10) No catch! Just serious people...Not curious.

There are so many scams out there....Please be careful! Just know that there is also legit companies as well.

Have a great evening!


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