Saturday, June 30, 2012

Clay's Park

With summer upon us and the kids out of school. It was time to think of something to do together that was inexpensive as well. I chose to surprise the kids and reserve a cabin at a place called "Clay's Park" in Lawrence, Ohio.

As you can see from the link, they had everything for everyone. Fishing, hiking, volleyball, basketball, putt putt, a lake with so many rides on it, indoor swimming , hot tub and sauna and even more stuff that we didn't get to look at.

There are two vehicles in our group and I am following my friend and her kids. After missing the exit we need, we turn around and just as I put my foot on my brakes, I realized that I was not stopping and my foot was all the way to the floor. Yea. My brakes went out!  (broken brake line) After pulling off to the side several times to fill it up with brake fluid, we finally made it to Clay's Park....where now it is pouring down the rain, and I mean pouring.

The campsite is only a little over an hour away from us. So what should have taken 1 1/2 hours at the most ended up taking over 2 1/2 hours. We register and then head to our beautiful but very small cabin. Since it's raining and everything is closed (even the indoor pool) we unload everything, cook out and make a fire.

I forgot just how relaxing it is to just sit and be still. My kids will even tell you I don't sit still very long. Very rare do I even watch a movie from beginning to end without getting up and doing other things.... Not sure why that is.

Making memories for my children to have and remember is what I try to do. And this was just the beginning of something that we hope to continue doing every year.

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