Tuesday, October 30, 2007

So now what ?

Well, the official dead line was today. My daughters donor was supposed to make 3 months of payments by today or the state will suspend his drivers license. He was threatened with this a few months back and it worked. He only had to pay 1 month of child support, though. I called at the end of the day and no payment was received. So, come tomorrow morning, he will not be able to drive. ( I know better though), he still will.

I guess I am REALLY fired up about this. After you have been screwed over so many times, you are just sooo ready to take a stand and say enough. And it just so happens that all this ( I'm fed up crap ) is going to come down on him. I have had enough of tolerating and putting up with.

So this is what will happen. His license will be suspended tomorrow morning. He will still drive. Now, I could tip off the police department about his suspension. But what good will that do? They pull him over and he will go to jail for the night, at most. His sister will bail him out. (she always does). But, he will have to pay a fine, and pay the back child support in order to get his license back.

Or the other option is I can sit back and wait until the state court hearing... Which is January 3rd. The certified letter was already sent to him. He should receive it tomorrow. The difficult thing is he is not going to sign for anything. So, I am told that if he does not sign, there is nothing that anyone can do.

See, he made an agreement with CSEA the last time and said that he would keep up with his payments. But he has not done that. So now he is in contempt. Which is why there will be a hearing. But if he does not sign for it, then nothing can happen. I just don't get it.

We have a few mutual friends. And I am told that he still around. He has hooked up with some girl. I can only hope that she keeps him around in this area. Otherwise, he will be long gone.

Now, let's talk Halloween..... Yippeee!!! I LOVE taking my kids trick or treating. They are only in it for the candy (can you blame them). LOL But I'm in it for the power walk I get to do. On any other night I can't get my kids to walk, even if the house was on fire.... LMAO
But tomorrow night, I will be the one having a hard time keeping up. I love it.

My sons father took both my son and my daughter to get their costumes. Of course, my son went with something scary. But of ALL the costumes for little girls.... Like a princess, fairy, Belle, Cinderella, anything, what does she pick ? She comes back in a spiderman costume. Why, Why, Why ? LOL . Will my little girl ever be a little girl ?

I'm sure this is just a funny phase..... ( I hope ). I know one thing. If she had seen a John Cena costume (wrestler) she would have picked that. I guess I can live with Spiderman. LOL

Ok, I hope everyone has a Happy Halloween. I know I will... I will be walking behind all the kids with my own bag, cutting the bottoms of their bags and taking their candy. ROFLMAO !

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