Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Coming soon..... My Kids, My Why, Website.

My blog is doing very well and I am happy with that. But with a blog, you are limited to what you can do. So, coming soon will be My Kids, My Why. You will be able to visit once it's up and running at:

There will be even more resources....Spots for advertising......Recipes.....And alot more to help you in your search. Please be patient, it will be up soon.

Now, on the note of terrible jobs.... Yes, I have one during the day. I am currently looking for something else during the day. I could go into the reasons why it's so bad but it would take all night.

In my past job search.... Two companies wanted me. One company wanted me as a quality inspector but it was a contract job. The recruited told me that they would want me for 9 months. It was great money. But I turned it down since it was only for 9 months. I then found out later that the companies say that and then if they like your work, they will hire you full time. I did not know that... I went by what they recruiter told me.

The other job was for quality inspector as well..... I was told that I should have followed up with the company after the interview..... Which I did not do.... But I also know that there was a little fear on my part about starting over, somewhere else with someone new again. So I did not show the company that I wanted it.

So I am off to starting my search all over again. And from trial and error.... Hopefully I know what to do this time and what not to do....... LOL

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