Tuesday, November 27, 2007


WOW ! My daughter is definitely a handful. She is only 4 but acts like she is 10. I really do believe that girls are harder than boys. I am convinced of that. LOL

I know that my parenting is different with my daughter than it was with my son. But so much is different now than it was with him. And there is definitely alot more stress in my life now.

I feel guilt towards both of my kids for different reasons :

With my son, his father and I have shared parenting. So my son is not with me every night. So I have guilt for that. And if I do something (special) with my daughter and word gets back to my son, all hell breaks loose... LOL. He starts telling me that I love her more than I do him and so on. So I try to take a day where I have a son and mommy day.... There's the guilt.

With my daughter, I have guilt and alot of sadness. She does not have her dad in her life. And right now, even as I am typing this, I am crying. So right there is enough guilt in itself.

The load that a single parent carries is soooo heavy. I sometimes wish that I would let a man get close enough. That there was someone here that I could tell my kids to go to. Someone that had that shoulder for me to lean on. Someone to tell me that it will be ok. Someone to say " Hey, why don't you sit down and I will cook dinner tonight"..... LOL. But that's a separate issue itself. I am working on that. I am trying to tear some of my walls down.

I started this post out wanting to find out from other parents if they think girls are harder than boys... But I've gone off in all directions.... LOL Another reason why it's a privilege to be a woman.... (smile).

I do know that for sooo long I have believed that I HAVE to be this kind of super mom. That I can do it all. I can go to work full time, come home and take care of my kids, run my home business, cook, clean, laundry and everything else. And still have that special (me time).... You know, that extra alone time that we NEVER seem to get. (read a book, do your nails, watch a movie). Things like that.

What keeps me going and moving ahead.... Staying positive and plugging away is the drive that I have.

See, I can visualize where I will be financially... In my future. I can see it... I can taste it. I have the drive and I have the determination. And these are the exact kind of people that I look to work with.

I don't do excuses.....There is no life more busier than mine....LOL. But I do it. Because I have such a strong belief in what I am doing and I have determination in getting to where I want us to be... Then I can say that I did it MYSELF. Plus it helps when you enjoy what you are doing. And I do....

Which leads me to my next topic. What to do when you have a TERRIBLE full time job...... LMAO

Ok, I have been networking with some other businesses and moms and I will be featuring a business every few days. I will be announcing classes, businesses, opportunities, resources and some fun stuff. So just know that NOT everything on this blog is linked to me. I want to help out other moms and businesses, even if it's helping in advertising.

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