Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year !

Wow ! Here it is 2008. I remember when I was a kid and thinking about the future.... Years, like 2008 seemed so far off, like they would never get here. OMG, and it's here.... LOL

Well I am looking at the new year as "My Year"....... That's the great thing about all of us. We all have the ability to dream. Just imagine for a minute that you could not dream. What would that be like? You could never feel hope, feel inspired, anticipate.... How incredibly sad.

But see, we can dream. And I do. Dreaming is what gets me motivated as well as other things. I look forward to my future and to change. I may get a little nervous but I try to embrace it.

So I have blasted my resume out to everyone. I am looking for a different full time job. I need out of where I'm at. I no longer feel excited to go to work. I know I am not using my full capabilities and I don't feel like I am making a difference there. Plus, I know I am worth more than I am being paid. It seems that my draw back for a position that I am looking for is that I don't know Word or Excel. I've used them, but not enough for me to get around on my own.

I think something happens as we get older. At least for myself. If you were to look at my resume, you would be pretty impressed. I'm impressed when I see it... LOL I have to stop and really think to myself, "Did I really do all that" ? And I know it's true because my old boss is the one that created my resume for me.

So here are bits and pieces of my resume.....

Experienced in offline Collections, Insurance Disputes, New Account Application Process, Change of Address on GLBA Privacy Notices and Returned Credit Card Mailings

Proficient in customer credit card account research, debit/credit reconciliation’s, chargeback processing and all file maintenance

Maintained customer satisfaction through courteous and efficient resolution of disputes, complaints, and discrepancies

Assisted Team Manager with escalated customer complaints

Knowledgeable in the handling of third party merchant complaints on MasterCard accounts

Approached by fellow associates and assisted with their questions regarding correct procedure to use when handling a customer complaint on an account

Excellent problem solving skills, ability to work with minimal supervision and make sound business decisions

Skilled at data entering new account applications via Onbase Imaging System

Microsoft Windows NT & 2000, Microsoft Office 97 Excel, Word & Outlook, Total Systems, I-Notes, Onbase Imaging System and Internet Training

Certificate for completion of Account Service Representative Training for Sears Credit, Diversity, GLBA Privacy Laws, Fair Lending Credit Act, Affirmative Action and Civil Treatment

And this is for one background that I have. I also have a strong background in Quality Assurance/Technician. But I won't get into that right now.

So all of the above sound really good when I look at it. Yet, I still feel like " Did I really do all of that" ? And maybe that uncertainty has shown in the past when I looked for something else. But this time I know that I can't let it show. I also know to follow up on jobs that I applied for.

If there are anymore tips you can give me, I'll be glad to hear them . It's time for a change and I'm ready.

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