Wednesday, January 9, 2008

More Child Support Drama.

A couple of continuous visitors have emailed me asking what is the status on the child support I have going on. So here is the update:

My daughters donor did show up for court, (contempt of court, due to unpaid child support).
For some reason, the court gave him MORE time. Unbelievable !!! The last payment received was back in April of 2007. No wait, he did make 1 payment in August of 2007, because Child Support was going to suspend his drivers license.

So here it is January, 2008 and his drivers license are suspended anyway and he now has until March 15th to pay $250.00 (purge amount). If he does not pay that amount, they will issue a warrant for his arrest. He has already been reported to all the credit agencies and the balance he owes is about $3,600.00. Now I know that $3600.00 is not really that much. But just think how it would affect you if you were missing that much from your income. That could have helped with Christmas, daycare, (is not cheap by no means), clothes and everything else. And what upsets me is that I would have never imagined him being this way. If I had suspected him to be a walk away Joe, a non-caring parent, a deadbeat, I would have never looked twice at him. It's funny how you really don't know people. And no matter how hard I try to keep that image of (deadbeat) away from her, I know the day will come when she asks about him. And she will feel hurt and take it personally that she was not important and that he did not love her. How do I answer for that ?

She still only knows my sons father as daddy. There is not a day that goes by that she asks about him, wants to see him, wants to talk on the phone, wants him to pick her up from preschool instead of me. ( I walk in all happy to see her after my day at work and she looks at me and says "Why didn't daddy pick me up" ? LMAO. I just think to myself how lucky my little girl is to have so many people that care about her. But I do have this hidden fear that this relationship that started between my little girl and my sons father will stop..... Slowly disappear. And that will crush her. So I just sit here and pray that I did the right thing by letting them establish a relationship and allow her to get this close to another man, that she believes is her daddy.

On another note: I have a job interview for this Friday. This full time job is much closer to home, more pay and in a field that I really enjoyed. So I will be following up with them and keeping in close contact. As long as the hours are what I need, I will be haunting them with follow up.... LOL At least I learned that much from past experience. LOL

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