Friday, August 14, 2009

Do You Need A Virtual Assistant?

If you are in business for yourself then I am sure you have heard the term - Outsourcing.
When you can take specific tasks and delegate them to a trusted individual to get the job done, that is outsourcing. Leaving you time to focus on the essential duties that you need to do yourself.

So what is a Virtual Assistant? Consider your Virtual Assistant your Personal Assistant. This is an individual that has your business needs #1 on their priority list.
What does a Virtual Assistant do? A Virtual Assistant is your right hand. Accomplishing so many of the tasks that you just don't have enough time to do yourself.

What are some of the tasks a Virtual Assistant can do? Each Virtual Assistant expertise will vary. But following is a list of the basics that a Virtual Assistant can and will do:

1) Administrative Tasks
2) Set appointments
3) Draw up contracts, proposals and quotes
4) Relieve you of the tedious tasks that time just does not allow you to do yourself
5) Data Entry
6) Order Taking/Processing
7) Email
8) Creating Spreadsheets
9) Power Point Presentations
10) Marketing

Sundi Hayes brings her front office C-Level can do attitude and skills to provide back office support and administration to speakers, coaches and trainers across the nation. After fifteen years in Corporate America, her organizational, project management, communication and process development skills have been sharpened and honed to perfection.

As a Christian, wife and soccer mom to three pre-teen boys, working a full time job and working toward the dream of being a full-time soloist. She knows first hand that balance can be achieved through the use of advanced technology and a lot of it.

Cutting edge technology comes with a price, however, My Office Zilla has been a bootstrap organization from the beginning. Starting in early 2008 with only a laptop and internet connection, Sundi's company has experienced much of its growth as a result of her fantastic attitude and willingness to learn new things - whether it's a new skill to benefit her clients or to further her personal love of learning.

Technology has consistently provided the means to finding unique solutions to many of her clients' challenges. In the end, what her clients experience is Sundi's passion to take their visions from dream to reality.
You can find Sundi on twitter: @Sundi_MOZ

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Patrice said...

Great idea! Having a virtual assistant is a very good idea as it somehow make the work easier and faster. Thanks for sharing!