Monday, August 10, 2009

Introducing Your Business

When introducing your business to a potential partner, there are a few things you NEED to do in order to succeed.

First: Be honest with yourself. Is your business something you really believe in? Or are you just crossing your fingers hoping that people will just jump on board with you? If you don't honestly believe in what you are doing, people will see through it.

*** Does your business impact people positively?
*** Will individuals benefit from the business? Not just financially.
*** Will your business become saturated? Will it still be something that the public needs and wants over a period of time?

Second: If your business involves teaming up and working together, make sure that you are there for your new partner.

*** Don't display your opportunity to potential partners by placing a pretty bow on a shiny package when inviting new partners to join you and then find yourself not there for your new partners.
*** This takes commitment on your part. You need to make sure you are there and available to your new partners. They are depending on you.

You are dealing with Real people, with Real dreams and Real Hopes. Make sure you believe in what you are doing. It also helps when your opportunity is something that is not just a fad... Something that will last forever....Something that is honest and ethical and helps everyone and everyone can benefit not just financially, but in more ways you can imagine.

Cindy Ashworth is a single, work at home mom. Providing a REAL work at home business with one on one coaching and mentoring. The way it should be! Also the owner of and

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