Saturday, March 17, 2007

My Kids Are My Why !

My name is Cindy Ashworth. I am a single mom with two children. I have a nine year old boy and a three year old girl. After several major events in my life took place, I realized it was up to me to change the way things were. I can honestly say that a single parent is the hardest job I have ever had. We have to multi task and get done what needs to be done. Cooking over the stove with a child on my hip and the phone at my ear. Conducting several jobs at home such as daycare, housekeeper, cook and teacher. I knew I was not earning what I was worth. I wanted better for my kids. I wanted more for my kids. I want my children to be proud of me and not see me struggle trying to make ends meet. I searched and researched so many " Work At Home " businesses and found that most of them were not legit, would cost too much money to get involved or they left little stipulations out. Then one day, my friend Lee, introduced me to something that I was still skeptical about. I did not really listen to her when she kept trying to tell me about the opportunity. I kept telling myself that there was some kind of catch in it somewhere... Finally, I gave in. She invited me to her online virtual office where I sat back and listened to her business of what she does and how she does it. They went over the little perks, bonuses and promotions that they have. I understood HOW and WHY this business was really different and seen how it really worked. Here it is, seven months later and my business is growing. I still work my full time job and take care of my kids and put a few hours into my home business in the evenings. My goal is to run my business full time and quit my other job ( and tell my boss what I really think ) by September. That is only 4 months away. If a single mother of 2 children can start this business up and get it rolling like I am, only working a few hours each week, just think how far you could be already! I Now Have my WHY. Thank You Lee, For Showing Me This Opportunity...Maybe you are feeling the way I did. You get up and go to a JOB that does not appreciate you, there is no room for advancement, there are no benefits, and the pay will not go up!!! I am wishing the day away while I am there because I just want to be home with my kids and work my business. I am tired of my kids seeing me struggle. Having to say NO to them and then when they ask me why, it ALWAYS comes down to not having enough money. Sure, we do alot of inexpensive things. But I sooo look forward to our fist vacation away together, owning our home, having a day of massive splurging and shopping (lol). I really was the definition of a struggling, single mom. But I am telling you that if you were given the opportunity, the chance to make a difference in your life, would you do it ? You can gain more family time and secure a better financial life.This does require work, determination, dedication and some time. And since I am a mom, I am already equipped with these skills...

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