Tuesday, March 20, 2007

So I Guess I'm Supposed To Let It Out ?

Ok, this blogging thing is new to me. But Here I go... (LOL)But I know deep inside that there is someone that understands how hard it is being a single parent. My married friends just don't get it. They tell me I am the lucky one because I don't have to answer to anyone or put up with thier partners stuff. ( If only they knew ). I do answer to someone, all the time. Every move I make from the minute I wake up to the minute I go to bed, I am answering to someone. My boss at work (and we butt heads alot), my kids at home, other co-workers, and, even friends.
Even the bagger at my grocery store bugs me (asks questions) would you like paper or plastic ! Funny thing is, I do want paper and yet I never see it out.... LOL.
I keep biting my tongue at work, (VERY HARD).... I just know that my day is soon coming where I can walk in and tell her what I really think and inform her that I quit and as I am walking out the door, singing, ( I'm free at last ) . I get up every day, hating this job. I have never felt this way before. I feel like I am going backwards in my life. I should be so much further in my work-life (career). And at one time, I was. I was the ultimate work at home mom that managed everything precisely. But since the MAJOR event happened in my life, I have somehow gone backwards. But that's ok, I tell myself. I know where I will be.

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