Sunday, April 1, 2007

Did you ever have one of those days?

Sometimes, especially after a day like today, I find I am asking myself, " And I want to be a work at home mom, because......." ? LOL. My daughter was like a sneaky cat all day. Jumping off the couch to the table, to the chair and then pouncing on me every time I would walk past her. My son, must have bumped his head and thought it was football season (indoor) and would tackle me down every chance he got. (yea, I thought I would be easy on him)... By 10:00 a.m. I was ready for a nap....LOL

They would start out so loving to each other. Wanting to play and be together. And as fast I could blink my eye, they were like little terrors to each other. She would and come and tell on him because he was looking at her and then he would come and tell on her because she blinked at him . Uugghhhh !!! Later, my son wanted to go over a friends house. And I had told him no since he was giving me a hard time with everything. I could not believe what I heard. He looked at me and said " if you let me go, I will be good the rest of the night". Well, this was not a good deal for me since he only had 70 minutes before he went to bed. So, I had to sit down and have a little talk with my dear son and explain how I don't negotiate behavior. As for my daughter, she tried the same thing again tonight. Something new that she learned. She has figured out that right as I am getting her in bed, that's when she decides that she needs to go potty, make sure the front door is closed, decide what shoes she is wearing the next day, changes her clothes one last time, and then, yes, I have to give her however may hugs, kisses and high fives... It makes for a long night when she wants 20 hugs, 10 kisses and 100 high fives... LOL

Today, I accomplished alot with my business, in between breaking up the fights, cooking, cleaning and having quality discussions with my kids as to why they are not allowed to run the neighborhood like "little Johnny" down the street. All in all, it was a productive day.

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