Saturday, February 23, 2008

Attracting And Creating Success


Spend an hour this week journaling to the following questions.

1. Journal about your beliefs on what success means for you and the role that attaining your goals has on your feeling of success. Consider any limiting beliefs and resistances you may have on how successful you can be.

2. In your journal, write 3 changes you need to make to create more prosperity and 3 things you need to let go of to open space for success to enter your life.

3. How do you give in your life? Is your giving conditional or do you do itsimply as a result of your principles and vision for other human being?

4. How do you balance spiritual and practical success?

5. What are 5 things that you are tolerating in your life right now that arereducing your potential as a human being?

6. What are you willing to die for?

Go on and celebrate your life and make a commitment to be awake even when yourbody is asleep!

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