Monday, February 11, 2008

To my kids, Happy Valentines Day!!!

For my son and my daughter. You are both the sunrise and the sunset. And everything beautiful in between.

On a typical day we are waking up, scurrying around in the mornings to get ready and make it out of here on time. Not to be late for school or work. With the craziness of our fast paced lives, I NEVER forget what I get to go home to in the evennings or wake up to in the mornings.
Racing to get dinner done and homework checked and bathes done.... It is a fast paced life we live, but it's our love for each other that that gets us through.
I love you both so much. Sometimes I wonder if you both even realize how much I love you. And it's when I ask myself that question, I realize that I need to show you both, more.... Just how special you are to me and that I am who I am and who I strive to be, because of you both.

While my kids play rough and fight alot
I find myself forgetting
That I was once just like them
A handful, I'm admitting
They throw and kick and scream
Calling each other names
Antagonizing each other
And being ever so mean
But then there are moments
When their love is so strong
They become inseperable
And nothing is wrong
If not for my kids
I would not know what it's like
To be a mom on the edge
And break up their fights
My kids have really shown me
What it's like to truely love
If only for their kisses
And their great big hugs
I am a mom who may not have
All the answers in the book
But all I really need to do
Is take one good look
My kids, they may not know
That they are my heart and soul
For I have found out what it's like
To love, unconditional
My hand will always be there
If you should ever need me
My shoulder soft, yet, strong
For any tears of weeping
Yes, I am your mom
And I love you both so much
I will ALWAYS be here for you
No matter what may come
To my son and daughter!!!!!! I love you both so much. Happy Valentines Day.


cyndarkei said...

Your blog brings back memories. Your daughter looks like you (when you were her age). You look like your aunt (Candice). It's all in the family. I never knew you developed such a love of Afghans. They are a wonderful breed...............MOM

Cindy Ashworth said...

Thanks for the comment Mom.....Yes, alot of memories.