Saturday, February 2, 2008

Every Day Is A Choice

There is no need to wait until January 1 each year to make the decision for change in your life. Every day is a new opportunity to consider where you are, where you want to be, and determine if you are willing to do the necessary stuff to achieve that next level in life or business.
How do you measure success? Money is not the only parameter. Being happy in your family life, experiencing spiritual well being, being emotionally well balanced, and having good physical health, all factor into your personal success. Those people who seem to “have it all” did not achieve that type of abundance by accident. If you look closely, you will see they share three common traits.
First, they are explorers. The strong desire to reach a new level in any aspect of their lives leads explorers on a quest to find mentors who they determine can help. They approach the journey to their ultimate goal joyfully because they know that every time they get out of their comfort zone, the new experience leads them closer to their goal. Change is necessary for growth. The ability to shed the comfort of remaining in status quo allows the person to transition to new levels.
The opposite of being an explorer is the cynic. Instead of seeking new ideas and information that leads to the next level, the cynic looks for reasons why activities will not work. Watch your own “stinking thinking.” Substitute with the words, “How can I?” and watch for new doors to open.
Those who achieve success are investors. Investors purchase the best book, best tape series, or best resources. However, the most valuable investment they make is…………themselves. They are willing to devote the time and effort necessary to get the results they desire. Investors are coachable and trainable. They read, do the activities, and continuously ask questions. If something is not working as well as they expect, they will stop and ask for direction from a mentor who is further down the path.
Those who are unwilling to invest are excuse makers. Their vocabulary is filled with “but” and “if only.” Challenges along the path give them excuses to blame others or the system for their lack of progress. Each of us has a decision to make. We can be satisfied with falling short of what we want in life, or make the decision to get all we want and be all we are created to be. That choice is ours to make. That choice does not belong to anyone else.
The third trait of a successful people is the one that creates forward momentum. Exploring and investing do not produce success without implementation. Implementers draw the line between those who fail to act on great ideas and those who implement just one small activity and see great results. Resolve today to implement one idea that you have been thinking about, researching, and evaluating. What have you got to lose? If you do not, you are guaranteed to stay right where you are.
Make the commitment today to a new path. If you commit today to explore, invest, and implement…. and do these things daily….. your life will never be the same. How exciting is that?

Katherine is the co-author of five best selling real estate related books, and has written a series of children’s educational books for Rourke Publishing. Katherine’s successful home based business allows her the time freedom and necessary income to pursue her personal and professional interests. With today’s internet technology, Katherine is able to supervise national and international marketing teams from her home office. Visit her website at

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