Saturday, February 2, 2008

Work at home made easier...

Ok, so I just took the plunge and invested in a new computer. For the last 10 years, I have been using my windows 98.... LOL. If you think that's bad, I just upgraded about 8 months ago from dial up internet to dsl.....

I wanted to avoid Vista at all cost. I just know too many people that complain about it. And everyone I know that has XP just loves it. So that is what I intended on purchasing.

I wanted to take my time and really take a look at all the computers out there. Not rush into anything. So taking my kids with me may not have been the best idea in taking my time.... LOL

As I am looking at each computer, I notice that ALL of them have Vista. Not one was with XP. I even asked for the software so I could install it but they won't let you do that. So I was looking at Vista... Not happy about that, I though to myself.

I began looking at the laptops. But I could not do it. There is something about NOT having a mouse.... LOL... I love my mouse. Maybe I am just used to the old ways. After all, I was running windows 98 all this time as well.....

I came across this home unit that I really could not get away from. I must say it's pretty sleek looking. And I love the monitor. This 19" Flat Screen is as big as our home tv.... ( LMAO ).

Here's a description:

Manufacturer: Hewlett - Packard
Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X 2 Dual Core Processor 5600 + 2.80 GHz
Ram: 2942 MB

I feel like a kid with a new toy. There is sooo much I have not even looked at yet on here. I like that I can watch DVD's, burn cd's, dvd's, and even flip the disc over and have a label put on with this Light Scribe. I even have 2 forms of virus protection on this thing.... (I am trying to protect my investment). LOL

I can finally have more than 2 windows up without crashing.... LOL. I am able to play around with Word, Excel, Power Point and other programs that I did not have before. My kids love how fast it is, when they are playing their games. Well, I do too. Especially for work. I am able to save so much more time now than I was before. Everything is just so fast.

I am happy so far. For me this was a big purchase and I knew that I would be spending quit a bit and I wanted to make sure that this would meet the needs that I have. And so far, no complaints. LOL

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