Saturday, March 28, 2009

How Determined Are You?

How Strong Is Your Faith in your home business? How deeply do you KNOW that what you are doing is working? Or do you find that you question your success in what you are doing? Stop right there if you even have a glimpse of doubt!!! You need to put yourself in a position where you sink or swim... There has to be a sense of urgency. You can't leave any room for doubt. Not one glimpse, not one second. Focus on what you want, and what the outcome will be. Leaving no room for doubt.

This is my personal experience.

I know without a doubt, where I will be. I can see my future. I can see the house that my children and I will live in. I can see how ALL my bills will be paid....How I can splurge on things that I never could have before. I can see the vacation that I will be able to take my kids on.

The thing is, it's not enough to THINK! You need to know it... Believe it......See it..... Taste it....Feel it.... Live it....Until you do get there. This is called DETERMINATION.... And guess what? Not everyone has this skill perfected.

If you have determination, then you are 90% of the way in achieving whatever it is that you want. Determination is very different than WANTING. Determination is taking your DESIRE and putting it onto action.

You first need to know what you want....For me, that's being able to provide for my children and myself a much more relaxed, financial living. To be able to help out my friends and family that are in need...And I want to be able to help support charities that are close to my heart. My children will be able to say that "Yes, mom struggled for awhile, but look at where we are now".

Ok, Now I know what I want... Now you need to come up with a plan of action. I plan on telling everyone what I do and how I can help. And make a difference one person at a time. If you are in a position where you sell, then you will do whatever it takes to sell your product...If you are in a position of recruiting, then you will get out there and explain to people why they should join you. Whatever it is that you do, do MORE of it. That's determination.

If you have ever given up on something that you wanted, look back and evaluate "why" you gave up. Chances are it was from negativity. And most negativity comes from those we care about. Friends and family. They are the most guilty of this. They think if they can't do something, that you can't either. That it won't work. Again, you need determination. Block out the negativity.

Surround yourself with people that are supportive of what you want. That do believe in you.That want what you want. You may find only one or two people that believe in you. And guess what? That's fine. You have one or two people that someone else does not have.

Please...There are so many people that want to doubt what they consider inconceivable. But it's your desire, backed with determination and a plan of action that will get you what you want. What is the difference between those that are successful and those that are not??? DETERMINATION.... That's all. They know what they want and they won't quit until they get it.


1) Know what you want
2) Allow your desire/determination to lead you
3) Follow the actions needed to get you there
4) Block out ALL negativity
5) Surround yourself with only positive people that believe in you. We all have at least one person that believes in us...All you have to do is pray for his guidance.

That's it in a nutshell.....Don't give up on something that you want. What a terrible thing to do. I know that my children will acquire leadership, determination and, perseverance from me. And what great skills to pass down. Now they will be able to achieve whatever they want.

Cindy Ashworth is a single, work at home mom. Providing a REAL work at home business with one on one coaching and mentoring. The way it should be! The owner of and

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