Thursday, March 5, 2009

Join Operation No Kid Hungry

A big thank you to @unmarketing on twitter for bringing this organization to my attention. I had no clue about it and immediately took part. And it was this video of @unmarketing that brought this to my attention.

I wanted to share this Organization with everyone. We all hear about children starving in third world countries....And maybe it does not seem to impact us as much since we don't really see it or know anyone affected.

Children are going hungry right here. And more than any of us can even imagine. Now I know with the way the economy is, people are cutting back on the type of food they used to eat....No more London Broil or Leg Of Lamb....But can you imagine NOT having something to eat?

Kind of hard to imagine unless you have been there. So I have stepped up and decided that I would help this organization that I never knew about if it were not for @unmarketing (twitter). Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention as well as many others.

Maybe you have an extra $10.00 to donate.... Or you are in a business that can help raise funds... There are so many ways to help. What a feeling to know that you provided a way for a child to eat.

Check them out here:

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