Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Online Plagiarism

There is something going around called " Article Spinning". Article Spinning is when you take an article that someone wrote, change a few words and then publish it as your own. Online Plagiarism is becoming more and more of a problem. We don't always think the information we find on the "net" is protected by copyright law, but it is.

Believe me, I have several articles that I wrote myself. And if I see an article that even looks similar to an article that I wrote.....I will take the steps needed to keep my work protected. If there is an article that someone would like to use, all you have to do is copy it in the format that it is in, leaving the bio at the end as well. Don't change a thing.

Why would someone risk plagiarism? First of all, it does appear to be easier to get away with online since there are millions of articles out there. But understand this... You are taking away the credibility from someone that it takes into writing a passionate article. But maybe that's it. Much easier to steal from someone rather than take the time to do the work yourself. And if you are not a creative person, unable to write an article yourself, then hire a ghostwriter....That is what they are for.

Don't Steal Content From Someone Else's Hard Work. Plagiarism Is A Crime For Which You Can Be Prosecuted.

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