Sunday, May 31, 2009


So what is about pessimists? Are they people that have just given up on hopes and dreams? Have they always been this way? Maybe they were burned one too many times and just decided to give in to negativity.

There is nothing worse than having a pessimist in your life. They seem to think they have the right to jump in and tell you why "this is not a good idea" or why "that just won't work". It seems as if they have thrown the towel in. They walk away from trying to do more.....To try harder.....To Want more.....To be more.....To desire more.....

A neighbor just recently exposed himself to me as a "Pessimist".

As my neighbor was holding a little puppy, I had made a comment that we can't have animals where I live. And then I made a comment of how it will be nice to move and eventually get a puppy. He then told me about these townhouses that are available by him. I told him that I wanted a house on about 2-3 acres. I could not believe what he was about to say.

He said "Cindy, I make way more than you and I can't even afford a house on 2-3 acres. You need to aim a little lower, you have your goals set too high". I replied "We'll see" and walked away.

Just then it hit me. What if I had said that same thing to my son....My son has made comments
about what he would do if he were president.....I can't even imagine looking at him and saying "Well son, I think you are aiming to high....Why don't you just settle for being a janitor" or "You'll never be the president".

Words like that can just shatter another persons belief in something. Making them question whether they are capable and worthy. Especially to a child. So I am here to say to all the pessimists...."Don't doubt me for I know where I will be". And the truth of the matter is that the pessimist is only saying what he or she feels and believes in their self.


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You have very cute kids. By the way nice blog