Thursday, May 14, 2009

Simple Marketing For You

Let's use an online store as an example of a business that you have. Here are some very basic steps to take in getting your business recognized.

Whether it's an ad, an email or even a splash page, you need to have a catchy headline. If your headline is not catchy, why would someone keep reading any further?

Make sure you offer something of value for free to your visitors. Possibly something like free shipping on orders over a certain amount sounds good to me.

If you are offering "Clearance Items" or "Special Promotions" make sure to show your readers where those offers can be found.... You need to guide them as to where you want them to go.

Keep track of your marketing methods and where your interested individuals come from. There are tools available that can help in your tracking methods.....If you are placing ads then you need to ask what ad your prospect came from.....Ask the very common question: "Where did you hear about me from"? Or, "Who referred you to me"?

If you have already accumulated a list of faithful readers, customers or followers, then keep in touch with them and offer them your finest deals, your words of thankfulness and continue offering your business to them. They have decided to choose you for a reason... Let them know that you appreciate them

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