Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Owning Your Own Business

Owning your own business has so many advantages. You can work the hours that you want. You can write your own paycheck instead of having someone else pay you what they think you are worth. You can take your break and lunch when you want.

Of course there are a lot of difficulties as well. You may have to consider hiring staff, paying the rent or lease on the building that your business is in. Then there is the electric and water, payroll and accountant.. Ohh, let's not forget about office supplies and of course inventory. If you are online, chances are you will be shipping as well.

Working hard and being consistent is of course the key factor. There may be times when you go without because of all of the other expenses. It may even get to a point where you have a hard time paying your employees, keeping the electric on, or scraping change up to ship an order to someone.

You can own your own business that is LEGIT and YOURS. You write your own paycheck. Guess what? My home business is transferable...Meaning, I will pass my business down to my children. And I will actually be able to retire and walk away knowing my kids are secure.

I don't Sell, Carry Inventory or Take Orders. This is not an MLM, where the first person in, wins. This is not Pampered Chef, Mary Kay, Avon, Watkins or Amway...

I open up Wholesale Membership Accounts. This is Direct Consumer Shopping at it's best. Very similar to BJ'S, Costcos and Sams Club....Except better. Deeper Discounts, No Bulk Shopping, Access to over 70 other Retail Stores ( Sears, Kohl's, Target, Dell, Overstock ) to name a few, which provide discounts as well.

Want help in finding a lower mortgage rate? We have that. Need Auto Insurance/House Insurance? We have that. How about a little help with Lowering your cost for prescriptions? We have that. As well as Internet, Long Distance, Cell Phone plans and so much more. Our members actually get "Thank You" checks in the mail from the company just for shopping.

Can you see why I love my business? I am helping people all over save money. And with this economy the way it is, who doesn't want to save even more? Again, it's not just the savings that you get...It's all the other little perks that are included, the little thank you checks that the customers receive and all the other services that are available to them.

When someone contacts me, I escort them Directly to the factory where they can see ALL we have to offer. And why we stand apart from BJ's, Sams Club and Costcos. Yes, I am making a difference for families in a time when they need it the most.

Ohh, maybe I should mention that my business also received the "Torch" award from the Better Business Bureau. How's that for credentials?

Cindy Ashworth is a single, work at home mom. Providing a REAL work at home business with one on one coaching and mentoring. The way it should be! Also the owner of and

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