Thursday, July 9, 2009

Showing Appreciation

As those that keep up with me know, I am a single mom with two kids. I do the occasional dating thing....But I will NOT get involved deeply with someone because I am running my own business and don't want to get caught up in the "Can't wait to see you" or Can't wait to talk to you again" theme. I know I am prioritizing way differently than most would. But, I have to do things this way. My way!

I'm writing a post about showing appreciation where it is due..... I have moved on as well as my ex...And, even though I may not agree with certain situations involving my son and the "girlfriend" I do have to be honest and sit back and take notice.....

So many times couples break up and it's bitter.... And when there are children involved, it seems to make the moving on even harder. Unless of course, the break up was done in a nasty way like it was in my case.

It's funny... I was listening to WMMS today... The Maxwell Show.... I hate it, but it was on and I was listening... There was a man on the radio saying how he had his girlfriend living with him and found out she was cheating on him... He wanted to know how to get rid of her....

I am amazed at how shallow men are... If there is a woman living with you, in your house, and all the bills are in your name... and you find out she is cheating,.... Then ask her to leave!!! What woman would stay if the man she is with, asks her to leave? No one I know. Ask me to leave, and I am gone...But this guy called in asking for advice.... There is no advice....Ask her to leave and if she does not, then slap her with an eviction notice...... SIMPLE!!!

So when times passes and you find your ex happy.... With another woman......Succeeding in life....Achieving what he desires....Let him or her know that you are happy for them. And even if you disagree with some of the way things are handled between the new girlfriend or boyfriend and your children. ....Sit back and take notice....

When you learn to open your heart... Admit that someone else IS the match for your ex that you were not.....That your ex is happy....And the new girlfriend or boyfriend don't mean to do certain things or say certain things that may upset your children....You have to swallow your pride, pick up the phone and thank them for being important in your exes life and your childrens life.

My ex and I are exes for a reason... We did not work... I don't want him hurt.... Nor my son. If I found out that my ex was being mistreated, I would feel hurt, sad and want to try to help... But really, there is nothing I could do..... But when children are involved, I have every right to step in and speak.

I hope to come up with the courage to pick the phone up and call the girlfriend and let her know that I appreciate the touch she has made on my son....And my daughter really cares about her and she needs to know that as well..... It's up to me to let her know that I think she is doing an ok job in impressing my children....and making my ex happy.... That's all I could ask for.

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