Friday, July 24, 2009

What Do I Need Goals For?

You hear a lot about setting goals, writing down your goals and keeping track of your goals. But what is the sense in it, you may ask?

Goals keep you focused on whatever it is that you desire to achieve. It's good to start out with a few little baby goals....Like planning a to pay off a credit card by a certain time. Or taking a vacation by a certain time. By doing this, setting a deadline, give you the time-line to achieve a certain task by a certain time....

It's ok if you don't meet your deadline.... If you fall short. If that happens, you reset your goals and start over. But I am a firm believer that without setting goals to begin with, you would have fallen much shorter than you would have if you had set goals. Setting goals keep you on pace in achieving what it is you desire.

Whatever it is that you want to achieve, write it down on paper and know the steps that you need to take in order to reach your deadline. Look at your goal list everyday... Compare it to how close you are to it in reality. You can them determine if you are right on track or if you need to work a little harder....

Remember, write it down... It's NOT enough to know in your mind.

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