Saturday, June 23, 2007

Have you ever really been in love?

The question of the day is, Have you ever been in love? I mean that heart pounding, butterflies in the pit of your stomach feeling? When one look at that person rocked your world. I can say that in my 38 years, I have been in love once. Sure, I have loved. But I have only been in love once.

As I look back at past relationships, most of the men that I have been with are men that I did not care about at first. LOL I mean, I was not attracted to them. I could not imagine being with them.

I had boyfriends, met a man and we got married. I thought I loved him but came to realize that I really did not. I'm sure the feeling was mutual. (we did get divorced). I moved on and had more boyfriends and then met someone I kind of worked with. He rented the building that was next to where I worked. He would come by every morning and get a cup of coffee and smile at me where I was in my little office. A few people told me that he had liked me but I did not believe it and really was not interested. At that point in my life, I was enjoying being single again (after divorce) and dating. Plus, I was kind of hung up on someone myself. I had it kind of easy. I owned my own house, had a pretty good job and I had no kids. I was looking pretty good and feeling pretty good. I had it all ( what all was back then ) lol

It was right before Christmas because I remember this guy coming to my office and bringing me a Christmas tree.... LOL He had overheard me telling people that I was not celebrating Christmas for the first time, since it was just me..... How thoughtful, I remember thinking as he brought me this tiny Christmas tree to plant and decorate. He told me that everyone should have a Christmas tree.

The next thing that happened was a bunch of us went out after work, celebrating the holiday and being off of work for a few days. We had always went to Baileys but this time everyone wanted to go to this other place. I did not feel like it so I went to Baileys while they all left. I stayed at Baileys for a little while and then decided to catch up with everyone where they went. I parked my car and walked in. I looked to the left and there was everyone plus a few extra people..... (Mr. Christmas Tree Man)... I never seen him out before. He never hung out with us. So, I walked over to where everyone was and sat down. There he was, just looking and smiling at me. We all sat around as music played in the background. The next song that came on was "November Rain" by "Guns N Roses". Boy, I love that song. Of course I wanted to dance and started asking everyone to dance with me. Everyone started telling Mr. Tree man to dance. And of course, we did. You don't realize how long that song is until you are slow dancing...... LMAO He held me so tight and I remember holding him that tight as well. I even remember my neck hurting because he was so tall and I had to look up at him. Well I stayed for a couple more songs and then called it a night. I left everyone after saying my good byes and went home. Just as I was pulling in, there was this reddish GMC truck pulling in after me. It was Mr. Tree Man. I was just getting ready to unlock my front door and he stepped out of his truck and came up to me at my front door. he said he wanted to make sure that I got home ok. We talked a few minutes and I kissed him good bye..........

Then the whirlwind took over... And what a ride it was. There was DEEP love, fun, craziness, passion and true friendship....... Mr. Tree Man was my friend, and the first man I had ever fallen in love with. I went skinny dippin for the first time with him. We threw a HUGE "Whodathunkit" party...... For all those people that never would have believe we would be together. We had a pig chasing contest..... Canoe race.....a hay ride, and my favorite, Karaoke. (he did not think people would go for that, and it was the hit of the party).

Next thing I know, we are off to Vegas for a few days. WOW!!! I had never been there and we had a blast. Alot happened very fast between us. I did, however, wait 6 months before moving in. He had asked and I kept saying not yet. Then he had his kids with him, and when I got there after work one day, and he asked me about moving in and letting his kids respond as well, telling me that they would like me to move in too .....Next thing I know, me and a friend are moving my stuff in. LOL. I rented my house out and moved into what would be my new home....... (more to come).

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Allison said...

If you ask me, your first indication was the song---in my experience "November Rain" has never been a good song when it comes to romance. I've got my own story, back in high school.

I'm happy you were able to experience that crazy roller coaster called love. I've been lucky enough that my first REAL love seems to be my soulmate :-) Things aren't always easy, but (to reference another hard rock/hair band from the 90's, that I just happened to hear tonight), he really is my "Love of a Lifetime" :-) (Firehouse if you don't remember :-D)