Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My Business

After a little talk with a friend of mine. (Thanks Ron), I have decided to take the pictures of my kids down, just leaving the 1 picture of us up.... Which has come to be my signature on my blog as well as my website.

The purpose of this blog was designed for my work and to help others look at all the options of working at home full time or part time.

What started out for business, turned into a little personal as well... I don't know how people blog strictly business without getting a little personal.

Which has led to my decision that I will create a personal blog.... Where all the juicy details shall be.... LOL... But I will keep this one focused on Business.

If I seem to be adding alot of single moms stuff to this blog, that's because I am a single mom and if I come across resources that can possibly help another single mom, I will put it up.

With all the traffic that I get here, I want to continue with what I started this for.... And try do do a much better job at it.

Thanks to everyone that comes... And if you look for the personal side of me.. Just hang in there... I will get my personal blog going and add the link to it from here.

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