Saturday, March 22, 2008

My overall review of the Bahamas

This was years ago when we went to the Bahamas. What a trip it was. I remember taking a bus (travel bus) to the beach.... I remember the driver telling us not o stay out in the sun longer than 20 minutes at a time...And I was thinking "we are at a beach, what's the problem"? Well, the pictures do not do justice..... I was fried.

In the pic of me sitting, it hurt to even sit... My hands were even fried. We even had hotel staff come in and rub us down with vinegar. They said the vinegar takes the stinging out from the burn. And everyone that knows me, knows that I CAN'T stand the smell of vinegar... LOL.

Just look at how my ex-husband turned out...... LMAO.

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