Friday, May 16, 2008

I Love My Family

No matter what anyone says, parenting is the hardest job in the world..... I look at parenting like this: I am a first time mom to my son. So that's new for me. And I am a first time mom to my girl. And that's new to me as well. So I am learning as I go.
I make alot of mistakes along the way. Probably more than I care to admit. But I try. I try to be a good mom. A mom that listens when needed, lends a shoulder, tries to understand and stay structured. I believe in structure. I always have. Ever since my son was born. I knew my son was one of those kids that needed 2 naps each day. We as a parents pick that up when we are around our kids every day. It's also a given when your child nods off to sleep at the same time. LOL.... My daughter is a 1 nap a day kind of kid... If that.
Whether you are a new mom, old time mom, stay at home mom, or single mom. Parenting, GOOD parenting is hard at times.
Tonight I experienced a moving moment with my little girl. She has graduated from preschool and is moving up to kindergarten. While she was wearing her cap and gown, I could see into the future and picture her as if she was graduating high school... LOL.... Tonight was just a test for the real thing. And right next to me sat my son. Who seemed so proud of his little sister. He is such a great Big brother.
The added extra touch for her was knowing that my sons dad was there with his girlfriend. She looked over at them a couple times and she just lit up like a candle.... LOL.... Which only makes me happy that there are people in her life that really care about her.

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