Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tracking Your Visitors

How important is it to track your visitors? You can place a hit counter on your website or blog, but that only tells you how many visitors you have. What about tracking your visitors? What country, what state, what city, what time of day, how many times a day and so much more.

Just about every website or blog has a tracking tool on it. Of course you won't see it because it's in HTML code.

I've been using Stat Counter for as long as I have had my blogs and website.

Let's use this blog for example. Whenever I make a new post, I can use the information from my stat counter that shows me what are the popular pages that people come to look at. Of course, you would then want to add more of the same. If I had a page on gardening and it did not have one visitor, then I could take that info and I would change it or remove the gardening page. But let's say I discussed the ordeals of child support.... My stat counter would show me the overwhelming visits, where those visits came from, what time, how long, if they came back more than once and what other pages they looked at. This is vital information !!!

Once you learn how to use the information properly, this can help you create a better website or blog. Add more content that is popular.... Take away what is not..... And the extra perk you get with stat counter is that you are able to download and save (years worth) of all of this data, which will help your website or blog succeed.

If you are looking for a free way to help improve your website or blog, I recommend using stat counter, or another stat service like it.

To all my loyal visitors.... Come back and I will try and add more of what you are looking for.


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