Monday, July 7, 2008

Scams With PayPal?

Today I thought I would share an email I received. It was supposed to be from Pay Pal. However, I can tell that this is NOT legit.

Things like this burn me up. So many of us that work from home use pay pal. And so many of us are new to using the pay pal service. And if you are new, then it's going to be hard for you to tell the difference between a REAL email and fake.

First of all....if you look at the To: section at the very top of the page, it does not even have my email address. You need an email address to use pay pal. So pay pal would have my email address. It just says To: undisclosed recipients. That tells me that this email went out by spam..... Being sent to hundreds of people.

Another thing to look for would be the Dear Customer Pay Pal section. Pay Pal would have my name since you need to submit your name in order to open up a paypal account.

Now of course I should have said this part first, but I wanted to add some content to my blog... LOL. Pay Pal will NEVER send you an email. You can even call them and they will tell you the same. That's what they told me when I received one of these along time ago. And I chose to call them.

But look at how legit it looks. It has the Pay Pal logo at the top of the page..... And the little button that you are supposed to click on, this is where you would enter personal info for the person on the other end of this email. This is not good. They even try to legitimize this email by having the Protect Your Account Section off to the right hand side. Well of course they are not going to ask for a password. MOST people know NOT to do that. It's all in the click of that button that's on this page. So don't click it. LOL

On another note, my website is coming along. In just a few more days I should be ready to introduce the new mykidsmywhy website. With the past holiday, I took some time off of everything and just enjoyed my kids, family and friends. So, now it's back to work.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, paypal WILL occasionally send you emails... but like you said, they address you by your real name. That's how you know it's not a fake email.