Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weekend Update

Ok... so my website is falling into place nicely. Check it out for yourself.

Mommies Webbies, is running a special as well. The first person to use the FREE Advertising at mykidsmywhy will receive FREE advertising for their business/service at mommies webbies. Now that's pretty cool.

I am currently running some great advertising specials at mykids. And if you notice that all content is not up yet, please be patient... It is being worked on.

I decided to dump my personal blog that I was working on... So I will be adding a little personal side of myself here as well as business... It seems to be attracting alot of visitors this way.

And I have allowed a comment to come through without really paying attention (kids fighting in the background, phones ringing, neighbor coming over) . The comment was anonymous so I would like to say that I love getting comments, and I post the good as well as the bad... But that comment should not have ever gotten through and it was my fault that it did. I don't like that kind of language myself and I don't seem to be able to remove it.

Ok.... That's it for now.... There will be another update on the personal side of me soon.

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