Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Sigh Of Relief....

I know I am not the only person that had a stressful job (outside of the house) and felt the way I did. My thoughts were often "I am making this much to be treated this way and tolerate this crap"? Now, there's alot to be said with what a personal will tolerate for the money that they make. Someone earning $80,000 a year may tolerate a little more that someone earning $20,000 a year But I was not the one earning $80,000 a year.... So, to be treated like I was crap, was not worth it. I will say one thing.... I'm not walking on egg shells anymore.... I'm not uneasy. Or nervous. And I no longer get paid to be treated like crap!!!!! Sure there was flexibility for me, but remember, I also had to walk away from benefits, paid Holidays and vacation to maintain that job.

Yes, I sit here without a full time "JOB" but I am happy. For once, in a very long time.... I am happy. I can sit here and have everything shut off, but I am happy.....I'm not stressed, my kids see a happier mom..... My nerves are not shot.... LOL.....And I feel alive... I know that sounds weird, but I do.

Now, I am still going for interviews.... Blasting my resume everywhere.....And in the free time I have, I am also working my business, which was very part time prior to all of this happening.

It's funny how you can be at a company for awhile and become close to certain people. Become friends. I am grateful for my friend, Irene, that I made while I was there. She was my closest friend there...We are so much alike. And I am glad that we still keep in touch. However, I am a little surprised at how I have NOT heard from a couple people. And one of them was someone I defended to my boss...... I was brought into a situation by her and took my boss outside to explain how this person was really NOT as bad as she thought.... Not defiant.... Not willing to work..... I stuck up for her..... I'm the only one that did.
And to not even get a call to see how I am doing, blows my mind. I took a chance on explaining to my boss her problems, and feelings..... And I could have very well left it alone..... But once again, I tried to defend the under-dog.

Well, sorry lady... Now you are on your own...... LOL.....Maybe it's time you stood up to the monster yourself.

Here is a good night thought.... Remember, there are those that have it worse than you.....I am grateful for my health.... My children's health.... For not being paid to be treated like crap.... For being here for my kids....For having my business that is my vehicle to my future, as well as my children's. If you can see it, taste it, feel it... It will be.

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