Saturday, December 20, 2008

Saying Good Bye To Those You Love

Saying good bye to a friend is hard enough. Saying goody bye to those that have touched your life and made a difference in your world, is even harder. And that's what I had to do last night.

Last night was a gathering for everyone that knows the family that ran the daycare where my daughter used to go. And at this gathering, was a chance to say good bye to the family since they are all moving to N. Carolina.

I am so happy for them all and wish them all the best, however, I feel a loss. Like I am losing family. They were more than a daycare/preschool that took care of my daughter. They were family to me. And they knew it. I know how they care about me and my kids. We became close friends and I will miss them.

It's so hard for mothers to leave their children at a daycare. There are so many fears that we have. The biggest fear I had was for that (1) moment that someone would do something to my child that would traumatize them forever. All it takes is one instance....One moment. And I did not have to think twice about any of that at this daycare. I was ease and knew that my child was very well taken care of.

Over the years, my daughter became very popular there. And to this day, everyone knows her. My son is a big hit there too. He went for a short time and became friends with alot of kids. It's funny how the family remember my daughter from when she was a baby going there and to see how big she is now. The love this family has for kids is not fake....It is real...Genuine.

Erin....Thank you for being so good to my kids. I know all of us needed that and you did just that. I wish you the best in all that you do.

So for Rob....What can I say. I don't come across men like you. You are very rare and both my kids love you. They know that you are all about the kids and we all appreciate you.

Danielle...It's been nice to work with you as well lately. The love that you show for the kids is awesome. As parents, we feel it and as co-workers, we see it. You are very focused with your life and I wish you the best.

Amber.... Boy we go back. And I so appreciate you. You really care about everyone. Parents and kids. And there was one moment is church that made my heart pour out for you and Rob. I'm sure you remember when this was. But I will just say that I wish you and Rob the best. I know without a doubt that your future children will be blessed to have you both as parents. And that you both will be and already have been great parents to our kids.

Pastor Jim ....You have touched my soul. All your sermons were done in a way that moved me. I still remember so many of them still. Your interaction with all the kids at the daycare, the way you just showed yourself to them allowed everyone to be at ease. You really do rock.....

And now Nancy.....Ohh my goodness, how we go back. You have been a steady and calm voice for me. And at times, you have even been my back bone. You have such a tremendous spirit and such a huge heart for all. It was you that I met first and it was you that allowed me the peace I needed to leave my child with you while I went to work. You have touched me and will always be in my heart.

I know I said this all last night. But I know you will see this and maybe if there is ever a time when you need to think of those that really care about you, each one of you, you can come here and see for yourself.

From my family to yours, We Love You All and will miss you. Wishing you all the best.

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